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Course Assessment: Goal 1

Course Assessment: Goal 1

Topic is introduced in the course
Topic is reinforced in the course
Topic is the principle focus of the course

Goal 1: Demonstrate breadth of discipline-specific knowledge

Outcome 1: Students will describe and explain fundamental topics in five principal perspectives of biology:

a) The chemical and molecular machinations operating within all biological processes b) The centrality of genetic systems’ governance of life’s actions from the cellular to the phyletic c) The coordinated regulation of integrated cellular systems and their effect on the physiological functioning of organisms d) The dynamic interaction of living systems with each other and their environments e) The transforming role of evolution in changing life forms and how evolution explains both the unity and diversity of life.
BIOL 1001: Intro to the Biology Major
BIOL 1010: General Biology
BIOL 1015: General Biology Lab
BIOL 1200: Human Biology
BIOL 1610: Principles of Biology I
BIOL 1615: Principles of Biology I Lab
BIOL 1620: Principles of Biology II
BIOL 1625: Principles of Biology II Lab
BIOL 2030: Principles of Genetics
BIOL 2060: Principles of Microbiology
BIOL 2065: Principles of Microbiology Lab
BIOL 2220: General Ecology
BIOL 2225: General Ecology Lab
BIOL 2320: Human Anatomy
BIOL 2325: Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL 2350: Fall Flora
BIOL 2355: Fall Flora Lab
BIOL 2360: Spring Flora
BIOL 2365: Spring Flora lab
BIOL 2370: Economic Botany
BIOL 2400: Plant Kingdom
BIOL 2405: Plant Kingdom Lab
BIOL 2420: Human Physiology
BIOL 2425: Human Physiology Lab
BIOL 3000: Rural Health Scholars
BIOL 3010: Biological Evolution
BIOL 3020: Cell Biology
BIOL 3025: Cell Biology Lab
BIOL 3100: Bioethics
BIOL 3110: Scientific Writing
BIOL 3140: Comp. Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 3145: Comp. Vertebrate anatomy Lab
BIOL 3150: Introduction to Biometry
BIOL 3155: Introduction to Biometry Lab
BIOL 3200: Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 3205: Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL 3230: Cadaver Practicum
BIOL 3250: Cancer Biology
BIOL 3340: Plant Anatomy
BIOL 3345: Plant Anatomy Lab
BIOL 3360: Developmental Biology
BIOL 3450: General Microbiology
BIOL 3455: General Microbiology Lab
BIOL 3460: Biology of Infectious Disease
BIOL 3470: Introduction to Immunology
BIOL 4190: Mammalian Histology
BIOL 4195: Mammalian Histology Lab
BIOL 4200: Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 4205: Plant Taxonomy Lab
BIOL 4230: General Parasitology
BIOL 4235: General Parasitology Lab
BIOL 4260: Herpetology
BIOL 4265: Herpetology Lab
BIOL 4270: Ichthyology
BIOL 4275: Ichthyology Lab
BIOL 4280: Marine Biology
BIOL 4300: Molecular Biology
BIOL 4305: Molecular Biology Techniques
BIOL 4350: Animal Behavior
BIOL 4355: Animal Behavior Lab
BIOL 4380: Ornithology
BIOL 4385: Ornithology Lab
BIOL 4400: Pathophysiology
BIOL 4411: Mammalogy
BIOL 4415: Mammology Lab
BIOL 4440: General Enthomology
BIOL 4445: General Enthomology Lab
BIOL 4460: Plant Ecology
BIOL 4465: Plant Ecology Lab
BIOL 4500: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
BIOL 4505: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab
BIOL 4600: Plant Physiology
BIOL 4605: Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL 4810/4820: Independent Research
BIOL 4830: Summer Independent Research
BIOL 4890/4891: Life Science Internship I & II
BIOL 4910/4920: Senior Seminar
BIOL 4930: Senior Thesis
BIOL 4990: Seminar in Biology (Virology/2011)