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Course Assesssment

Course Assessment: Goal 3

Topic is introduced in the course
Topic is reinforced in the course
Topic is the principle focus of the course

Goal 3: Effectively convey scientific literacy through various mediums of communication

Outcome 4: Reading Comprehension: Students will analyze and critique scientific literature: identifying hypotheses, critiquing methods, interpreting data and results, and articulating the context of discussions. Outcome 5: Written Communication: Students will produce well-written reports and/or research papers covering topics in biology. These papers will be presented in the accepted formats of scientific research articles. Outcome 6: Oral Presentation: Students will publicly present scientific information covering specific topics in the biological sciences. Presentations will adequately communicate data and information in a clear and logical format.
BIOL 1001: Intro to the Biology Major
BIOL 1010: General Biology
BIOL 1015: General Biology Lab
BIOL 1200: Human Biology
BIOL 1610: Principles of Biology I
BIOL 1615: Principles of Biology I Lab
BIOL 1620: Principles of Biology II
BIOL 1625: Principles of Biology II Lab
BIOL 2030: Principles of Genetics
BIOL 2060: Principles of Microbiology
BIOL 2065: Principles of Microbiology Lab
BIOL 2220: General Ecology
BIOL 2225: General Ecology Lab
BIOL 2320: Human Anatomy
BIOL 2325: Human Anatomy Lab
BIOL 2350: Fall Flora
BIOL 2355: Fall Flora Lab
BIOL 2360: Spring Flora
BIOL 2365: Spring Flora lab
BIOL 2370: Economic Botany
BIOL 2400: Plant Kingdom
BIOL 2405: Plant Kingdom Lab
BIOL 2420: Human Physiology
BIOL 2425: Human Physiology Lab
BIOL 3000: Rural Health Scholars
BIOL 3010: Biological Evolution
BIOL 3020: Cell Biology
BIOL 3025: Cell Biology Lab
BIOL 3100: Bioethics
BIOL 3110: Scientific Writing
BIOL 3140: Comp. Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 3145: Comp. Vertebrate anatomy Lab
BIOL 3150: Introduction to Biometry
BIOL 3155: Introduction to Biometry Lab
BIOL 3200: Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 3205: Invertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL 3230: Cadaver Practicum
BIOL 3250: Cancer Biology
BIOL 3340: Plant Anatomy
BIOL 3345: Plant Anatomy Lab
BIOL 3360: Developmental Biology
BIOL 3450: General Microbiology
BIOL 3455: General Microbiology Lab
BIOL 3460: Biology of Infectious Disease
BIOL 3470: Introduction to Immunology
BIOL 4190: Mammalian Histology
BIOL 4195: Mammalian Histology Lab
BIOL 4200: Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 4205: Plant Taxonomy Lab
BIOL 4230: General Parasitology
BIOL 4235: General Parasitology Lab
BIOL 4260: Herpetology
BIOL 4265: Herpetology Lab
BIOL 4270: Ichthyology
BIOL 4275: Ichthyology Lab
BIOL 4280: Marine Biology
BIOL 4300: Molecular Biology
BIOL 4305: Molecular Biology Techniques
BIOL 4350: Animal Behavior
BIOL 4355: Animal Behavior Lab
BIOL 4380: Ornithology
BIOL 4385: Ornithology Lab
BIOL 4400: Pathophysiology
BIOL 4411: Mammalogy
BIOL 4415: Mammology Lab
BIOL 4440: General Enthomology
BIOL 4445: General Enthomology Lab
BIOL 4460: Plant Ecology
BIOL 4465: Plant Ecology Lab
BIOL 4500: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
BIOL 4505: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab
BIOL 4600: Plant Physiology
BIOL 4605: Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL 4810/4820: Independent Research
BIOL 4830: Summer Independent Research
BIOL 4890/4891: Life Science Internship I & II
BIOL 4910/4920: Senior Seminar
BIOL 4930: Senior Thesis
BIOL 4990: Seminar in Biology (Virology/2011)