Biology Admissions

Biology Admissions

Admission Process & Requirements

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1. Completion of the following courses

  • Principles of Biology I with lab (BIOL1610/15)
  • Principles of Biology II with lab (BIOL1620/25)
  • Principles of Chemistry I with lab (CHEM 1210/15)
  • Principles of Chemistry II with lab (CHEM 1220/1215)
  • Evolution (BIOL 3010) or Molecular Genetics (BIOL 3030)

2. An overall GPA of 2.7 or higher

3. Complete Application (includes Personal Statement)

Incoming freshman & current students, who don’t meet admission requirements, interested in pursuing Biological Sciences, will be matriculated as Pre-Biological Sciences Majors.

Students may apply for admission when course & GPA requirements are complete or during the semester they will finish said course requirements. Students applying during the semester they are finishing course requirements can receive tentative admission. Full admission will be granted pending the student meets course & GPA requirements at the conclusion of the semester.

Prospective Biological Sciences Majors who meet the requirements must set an appointment with the biological science advisor and bring completed application form. Once the application is verified, the student will be matriculated under the desired B.S. Biological Sciences Emphasis.

Students, who don’t meet the application requirements, may go through an appeal process. The Biological Sciences Department Chair, Biological Sciences Advisor and select Biological Sciences Faculty will hear all admission appeals.

All upper-division biological science courses, except BIOL 3010, BIOL 3030, BIOL 3040/45 and BIOL 3000R, will be closed to students except those matriculated in a B.S. Biological Sciences Emphasis, Biological Sciences Minor, or Integrated Studies with a Biological Sciences Emphasis. *

* Except for Upper-division biological science courses used in the Allied Health degrees and B.S. Chemistry.