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The Biological Sciences Department offers in house advisement for biology majors.

Students interested in majoring in biology should set up an appointment with Chris Taylor (SET 322). Initial Appointments with Mr. Taylor entail assessing a student’s academic and career goals, suggesting a Biology emphases that meets said goals, laying out a tentative graduation plan and suggestions of extra-curricular activities needed to boost a student’s resume.

Students are encouraged to meet with Mr. Taylor at least once every semester to ensure they are on track for graduation, aware of departmental changes and assess the student’s progress on career and academic goals.


Mr. Taylor also provides advisement for students pursuing careers in health professions and need guidance for admission requirements for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Physicians Assistant schools. Besides Mr. Taylor there are two organizations associated with the Biological Sciences department that also provide advising.


Chris Taylor

Biological Sciences Advisor


Phone: 435-879-4282

Office: SET 322


Department Chair


Phone: 435-652-7761

Office: SCI 102