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Do you have a black thumb?

Were you given an orchid or other flowering plant as a present? Do you have a hard time keeping them alive after they are done blooming? There is an alternative to throwing out another beautiful plant.

The DSU greenhouse is a great resource for teaching, research, and doing some good for the community of St. George. Working in cooperation with the Dove Center, biological sciences students at DSU are caring for unwanted plants in the University greenhouse and helping them to bloom again. These plants are then loaned to the Dove Center shelter while they are in bloom, after which they are returned to DSU for more TLC. The Dove Center in St. George offers emergency shelter and resources for victims of domestic violence. These plants add a little bit of beauty to the shelter environment for the women and children who live there and the workers who help them.

What can you do to help?

Please donate any unwanted (but still living) orchids, bromeliads, amaryllis, or other flowering plant to the DSU biological sciences department. We can also accept other types of plants –please check with us. We have in-kind donation forms for your taxes if your donation is valued over $75.

Do you have any nice pots left over from dead plants from your past? We accept donations of those as well.

Feel like the women and children could use a little instant gratification? We accept donations of plants in bloom too –we’ll help them to bloom again when they are done.

Spread the word!

Plants may be dropped off with the Dept. of Biological Sciences in the old science building (not Snow) from 9 am – 3 pm when school is in session and by appointment.

For more information please contact Dr. Erin O’Brien

If you’d like information on how to care for your orchids, check out the following websites (unaffiliated with DSU or the Dove Center):

Growing Orchids for Beginners

How to Care for Orchids

The American Orchid Society

The Royal Horticultural Society

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