David W. Jones


Office: Science Building, Room 102
Phone: (435) 652-7632
E-mail: dwjones@dixie.edu

– M.S. in Developmental Biology
Vanderbilt University, 2003 (ABD)
– B.S. in Molecular Genetics
The Ohio State University, 1999

Courses Taught:
– BIOL 1010 – General Biology
– BIOL 1610 – Principles of Biology I
– BIOL 3020 – Cell Biology
– BIOL 3025 – Cell Biology Lab
– BIOL 3030 – Molecular Genetics
– BIOL 3550 – Eukaryotic Cell Biology
– BIOL 3555 – Eukaryotic Cell Biology Lab
– BIOL 4810 – Independent Research I
– BIOL 4820 – Independent Research II
– BIOL 4890 – Life Science Internship I
– BIOL 4920 – Senior Seminar II

I have been at Dixie State University since the autumn of 2005. Previously, I worked as a Research Associate at the Ohio State University. I appreciate the size of DSU as it lends to collegiality amongst faculty and affords us the opportunity to get to know our students. I look forward to growing with the college as DSU because recognized for its academic excellence. As our program grows, I hope to develop a molecular biology curriculum.

As a self-professed biophile, I am fascinated by all aspects of biology but my academic interests are piqued by the functions of DNA. DNA’s position within the spectium of life’s organization is unique. The molecule simply encodes the instructions for the individual (cell, organism, etc) yet drives the entirety of what we recognize as Life (reproduction, behavior, evolution, etc). It is at once the micro and the macro. As I tell my students, DNA is life – the rest is just details. Specifically, I am interested in the regulation of gene transcription by information encoded within the molecule (the other 98% of the genome). Knowing how to build a machine is one thing; knowing how to use it is quite different.