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Karen Bauer, D.A.

Office: SCI 103
Phone: 435-652-7772


    D.A. in Biology
    Idaho State University
    - M.S. in Zoology
    Idaho State University
    - B.S. in Zoology (Pre-med)
    - B.S. in Secondary Education, with certification in biology, chemistry, math, and physical sciences
    Idaho State University


    BIOL 1010 - General Biology
    BIOL 1610 - Principles of Biology I
    BIOL 1620 - Principles of Biology II
    BIOL 3100 - Bioethics
    BIOL 3200 - Invertebrate Zoology
    BIOL 4890 - Life Science Internship
    HLOC 1000 - Medical Terminology

I have been teaching biology at Dixie State University since Fall 1993. In addition to teaching at least a dozen different biology courses as well as medical terminology during my time here, I served as Chair of the Natural Sciences Department from July 2002 until July 2007. When the Natural Sciences Department was split into the Department of Biology and the Department of Physical Sciences, I then served as Chair of the Biology Department and Associate Dean of Science from July 2007 until July 2011. At the current time, I have no administrative duties and am teaching 14 - 17 credits per semester.