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Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to helping our students participate in research. Such experiences are often requirements for admission into professional(medical, dental, PA, etc.) and graduate schools, and can make a big difference when you are applying for jobs after graduation. There are several ways to get research experience, but it is important to realize that class projects do not count, no matter how much time you spend on them. There are several ways to get research experience while a student at Dixie State University.

Research Opportunities for Biology Majors

Faculty Research

Freshmen & Sophomores:

If you are in your first two years of biological sciences classes, we strongly recommend that you ask about volunteering your time to help another student on their project. Make sure that you do this through the professor and not the student running the project so that the professor gets to know you and the work that you are doing.

Juniors & Seniors:

Upper-level biological sciences majors (those who have completed the core courses of Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution) can apply to do their own research projects with a faculty member and qualify for upper-division elective credit either through Independent Research or Senior Thesis. For more information please go to Research Courses.

Interagency Internship Cooperative

Get hired as a paid intern through the IIC program. For more information join the IIC mailing list or contact Dr. Erin O’Brien. DSU's College of Science and Technology is an Academic partner in the Interagency Internship Cooperative based at SUU. Every spring nearby National Parks, State Parks, and BLM and US Forest Service offices advertise summer internships through this program. These are paid internships that often lead to additional summer internships and eventually careers with these agencies. It is a wonderful opportunity to get real world experience as you try to determine your career goals.

Outside Internships

Get involved in another type of internship that requires or allows for research. These opportunities are generally advertised on the department’s jobs/internships mailing list. Below are additional lists of internships that could help you find paid or volunteer research experience. If you are unsure if an internship is appropriate for your career goals, feel free to check with one of the professors in the department.

Research Opportunities for Non-Majors

For more information on undergraduate research at Dixie State or if you are not a biological sciences major, please visit the Undergraduate Research website.